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Ruby (Texter Ruby Two-Shoes) and Tige (Texter Sabu Tige) are expecting a litter the middle of January 2017.  

For information about our puppy availability and our pet contracts, please contact us at texter123@aol.com or 903-565-4828.

The Parents:




Ruby on grooming table after a bath.

Click here to see how Airedale puppies develop the first few weeks of their lives.
A bit about some of all the parents' personalities:

Tige is out of a dog in Michigan named Carlos and a Texter girl named Sally. Tige loves to be with his people.  He is extremely easy to train, pays a lot of attention to his owners, and is very affectionate.  He also has a great black and red terrier coat. a beautiful head and keen, dark, almond-shaped eye.  His conformation is true to the AKC Airedale standard. He also has lovely movement.


Tess is a Foggy and Mick daughter and she got the best of both her parents.  She is sweet as can be with a fun-loving streak.  One day while weeding the garden, she was right in the situation, sitting by her human and she suddenly did a somersault and landed on her back, her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth, a twinkle in her eye.  She loves to please her people and has a little joker streak as well.  Great coat and lovely mover.

Sally is Mick's sister and daughter of Mr. Q and Weezer.  She is sometimes called "Silly Sally Sue."  She's plucky with a sweet streak.  She will be with her family, but will be on alert in case she needs to keep something out of the yard.  A little more independent than Foggy or Connie, but smart as a whip and easy to train. 


Ruby is out of Mr. Q. and a girl from the Redcoat kennel named Piper (Ch. Piping Hot Redcoat).  She is more independent than some of our other girls but oh-so-smart.  She's been easy to train and her conformation is fantastic.  She has Q's lovely tailset and rear assembly; nice leg from Piper and coat texture like Piper's.  Her movement is excellent.  A great dog and a truly wonderful addition to our kennel.  She takes care of business around the place.


Weezer is very loyal and obedient and very, very smart. She was named after the Shirley MacClaine character in Steel Magnolias. She can open latches and knows she is smarter than a lot of people. She's very affectionate and plays practical jokes on occasion, a true-blue Airedale in other words. One day while in Dave's office, she jumped up on a baby gate used across the office door. Dave reached over and gave one of her toes a kindly squeeze as a reminder of the rules (no jumping on the gate). Weezer promptly jumped down went over to Dave's shoe and gave it a kindly squeeze and then with a twinkle in her eye she did that open mouthed laugh Airedales can do. She's the entertainment around the house.
Chip is a sweetheart outside the ring and a tough competitor in the ring.  He's a clown who loves to do somersaults and push his humans off the couch.  He currently lives in Tyler with Danika and Jim Mayer.  He has earned his CGC and plans to add a CD to his titles one day.   His dad is a dog from Tartan Scottshire named Compaq and his mom is Texter Puttin' on the Ritz.

Foggy is Chip's daughter (mom is Gunnie).  She also has a CGC along with a CH.  She has a lot of Chip's qualities, being a goofy clown a lot of the times.  She has a real sweet streak and likes couch time the most.  She won some lovely awards in the show ring, including a four-point major against tough competition at the Louisiana shows.

Mick is out of Mr. Q and Weezer.  He's an outstanding dog in all ways.  Smart, funny, outgoing, and conformationally as perfect as they come.  He will debut in the show ring next year and we expect big things in Mick's future. 

Here's a picture of a young Mr. Q, sacked out during a kennel clean-up.  Laundry made a good bed and was too irresistible not to sleep on (aka "sleeping on the job").



Puppy-Rearing Philosophy

Pricing Information

‘Need to Know’ Airedale tips

Dr. Dave's section on medical concerns for the Airedale.

Our Dogs’ Show records.


Some of Our Puppy-Rearing Philosophy

We raise our puppies in our house. A room next to our kitchen is where the puppies' first couple months are spent.  They get a lot of socialization being in our house.  When the pups are on their feet, we have an open crate where they will choose to sleep, thereby getting "crate trained."  (Dogs like to have their own cave of sorts to sleep in.)  Their room also opens to a yard where housebreaking can begin.  They naturally use the edges of their room to eliminate so transitioning to regular visits outside when age appropriate brings along housebreaking nicely.  By about seven weeks of age, the pups are on their way to being housetrained. 

The pups are highly socialized as we have many people, especially children who interact with the puppies. The pups get a lot of play time and handling.

We request that pets that are not shown in conformation be neutered/spayed by six months of age. We sell the pups with limited registration only with the rare exception being seasoned Airedale breeders. We register all our litters with the AKC. They are wormed and age-appropriately immunized.  And all pf our pups are microchipped before going to their forever homes.

For more information about our pet contracts and availability, please E-mail us. Texter123@aol.com


Pricing and "Need To Know" Airedale Facts

Prices of puppies range from $1200 - $1500.

  • Airedales shed but not as much as breeds like Laborador Retrievers.
  • Airedales like to dig.
  • Airedales are high energy dogs (i.e. need exercise).
  • Airedales need "quantity time" with their humans. They do not make good "backyard only" dogs.
  • Airedales are slower to mature than some breeds. Housebreaking takes a little longer (as much as six months).
  • Females are more nurturing and a bit calmer, males tend to be more independent and feistier.
  • Airedale puppies chew on any and everything. (Put your expensive shoes up high.)
  • Airedales are classified as "medium-sized" dogs. Females - 45-55 lbs and slightly under 23" from the shoulder to the ground. Males - 50-65 lbs and 23-24" from shoulder to foot.
  • Expect to have your Airedale groomed every six weeks.
  • Airedales make excellent family pets.
  • Airedales are naturally protective of hearth and home.
  • Airedales are moderate barkers.
  • Airedales don't usually back down from a fight.
  • Potential health concerns for the Airedale are hip dysplasia and skin allergies. Less common but sometimes seen: Autoimmune hemolytic anemia,cancer, and kidney disease.
  • Reputable breeders have Airedale hips "OFA'd" or "Pen-Hip'd". Ask your breeder about these terms.